Craig & Sarah in Zambia!

Craig and Sarah have just over one month left of their 3 month placement with GLO Zambia.  They’re currently at an orphanage called ‘Renewed Hope’ in Kitwe.  Here’s the latest update from Craig:

“We’ve been here since the 6th of June and are here for a total of 18 days. We’ve both settled in extremely quickly and the kids are so much fun. So far we’ve been doing construction work at a local school that’s being built for orphans and vulnerable children with an Australian family who are over to help out. We’ve also been doing Bible quizzes with the kids, read scripture with them, doing child profiles for a local school and generally building relationships with them. It’s been very hard hitting hearing some of the backgrounds that these children have, most of whom have lost parents. But they are still very joyful and have a strong faith in God. I (Craig) also took a few of the older guys to their first international football to see Zambia play Mozambique, they both said it was one of the best experiences of their lives. We have just over a week left here in Kitwe and then we’re off to see the Victoria Falls. After that we go on safari to Botswana, which we’re both extremely excited about!

Give thanks for:
– Settling in quickly and relationships built with the children
– Opportunities God has given us to serve and make a difference in the children’s lives and the local community

Please pray:
– That we would have an impact in these children’s lives for God –
– That God would give us more opportunities to speak His truth into the children’s lives
– For both energy and humility as we serve in various areas
– That we would be able to renew our visas on the 20th of June without any hassle”

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