FirstServe Standard

Step 1 – Learn to Serve

The programme kicks off at Tilsley College in Motherwell, Scotland. These 4 weeks offer the chance to delve into God’s Word and explore the character of God before heading off onto your UK and overseas placement.

“This is a really good time and place to start the year, and get some good teaching to challenge the way you think about the Bible.” – Ally Watson

Step 2 – Serve Local

For 4-6 weeks you are given the opportunity serve at a UK church. This experience aims to introduce you to certain skills you may need on your overseas placement. It gives you the chance to meet other Christians and get involved in the activities on offer at the church.

There are a range of possible church placements and activities, and you will be matched with a church that offers you opportunities to use your particular gifts and explore ministries that interest you.

“I had the chance to get more involved in a leadership role, leading small groups and leading talks for youth groups. I had an amazing time with amazing people and was warmly welcomed by so many.” – James Adkins

Step 3 – Serve Global

Depending on how much time you have available, you will spend 3-6 months in one of the countries we have to offer. The activities will be arranged around your particular gifts and skills, so that you can serve God to the maximum.

The overseas placement teaches you to depend on God in new ways and allows you to get involved in activities such as: children’s outreach, construction, evangelism, medical care, teaching, work amongst street children and youth ministry. Being supervised by experienced mission workers, you will gain significant insight into how mission works and the challenges faced by mission workers.

The mission worker will be responsible for arranging and overseeing your programme, along with providing accommodation, food, mentoring and pastoral care during your stay.

Here are a few overseas opportunities: Bolivia – Trinidad, India – KarumandoraiZambia – Chitokoloki, Zambia – NyangombeZambia – Chengelo School. We have various other placements available in Asia, Europe and South America, so please get in touch for more details.

“God has changed my life so much through this experience; it’s been really fun, it’s been really hard, it’s been crazy, it’s been quiet, it’s been so many different things, but it’s been a really great time altogether. God has worked deep inside me and He’s prepared me for the future. I know that there will be many other challenges in life but I believe God has sorted through a lot of things before I go to university.” – Yasmin Webb

When you return from your overseas placement, you’ll return to your UK church placement for 1 week to talk about your experience, continue to serve in the church and maintain relationships you would have already made.

Cost: £2,950* – this price is based on 3 months overseas, and includes everything apart from your inoculations and travel within the UK.

*Extra charges will be necessary for certain countries due to the cost of flights, please get in touch for more information.