Growth & Training

One of the aims of FirstServe is to inspire you and provide you with time to grow spiritually. We have developed a Discipleship Course, which allows you to have time alone with God each week, study His Word and develop your relationship with Him. This course is designed to give you a deeper understanding of the Bible, teach you about mission and help you consider relevant issues, such as: how to manage relationships, finance, prayer and discovering your spiritual gifts.

Each FirstServe programme includes:

  • An orientation to FirstServe
  • One half-day per week that is set aside for personal discipleship study, which will be during your UK placement and while you are overseas
  • Teaching on personal evangelism, different elements of the Bible and living as a Christian

“I particularly felt convicted over the study on ‘Wealth and Possessions’ when seeing all the poverty around me in Zambia. This was very challenging for me, to see people who have nothing when we take so much for granted.” – Anna Wilson