New FirstServe Role

Have a passion for mission? Enjoy working with young people? FirstServe are looking to appoint a worker who will encourage young people to explore mission and work with churches in the UK to focus on God’s global purpose. For more information and application form, please contact / 01225 310893

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FirstServe Weekend 2016

It is officially here!! FirstServe are launching another FirstServe weekend! If you’re interested in coming along or to find out more contact Hannah: 310893

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The next step begins…

The majority of FirstServers have finished at their UK church placements, and Sam still has a week left to go. Continue to pray for him and all the activities he’s involved in. All the FirstServers are now making their preparations to go overseas, so please pray that God will continue to remind them of His […]

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FirstServe News

Our FirstServer Josh Barr has settled in well at the GLO centre in Zambia and is now responsible for teaching and mentoring a number of the scout boys from the local area. Please continue to pray for him in everything he’s involved in and that God will use him in amazing ways during these next […]

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Home Bound

FirstServer Anna Wilson has now returned home from Zambia, after having an incredible time overseas she is now venturing home to California. Pray that God will continue to do incredible things in her life and that the 3 months in Zambia will have a lasting impact! Please continue to pray for Abi, Hazel and Josh. […]

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Different Experiences

Update on our current FirstServers, please remember them all in your prayers… …Hazel has safely arrived in Zambia and has already started work at Chitokoloki Hospital, she’ll be staying there until 14th April… …Abi had a safe journey to Peru and will begin by helping to teach English in a local school… …Anna has been […]

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More Adventures!

Please pray for Anna who is now back at the GLO centre in Zambia. She had an amazing few weeks at the orphanage in Kitwe, experienced some real adventures and saw many changes! Pray that God will continue to work in her over the coming weeks before returning home at the beginning of April. Abi […]

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Anna in Zambia

Anna is now into her 2nd week at GLO Zambia and is doing extremely well. While there have been a number of challenges along the way, God has given her strength and has been working in her life. Please continue to pray for her in every adventure she faces, that God will use this time […]

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Another Adventure Begins…

Anna is now starting the last part of her FirstServe placement! She will be travelling to Zambia on Monday and will be based there for the next 3 months. Please pray for her on this adventure and that God will be with her in every situation. Please also pray for Abigail and Hazel who are […]

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UK Update

All of the FirstServers are now half way through their UK Church Placements! Anna is due to finish her placement in just over 2 weeks, while Abbie & Hazel have just over 3 weeks to go. Please remember them all in prayer over the coming weeks and as they begin to plan for their overseas […]

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